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Imaginatives TNG: Pg.74 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.74 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 5 8 These Old Country Lanes by MashyLOL These Old Country Lanes :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 9 2 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.73 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.73 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 9 4 Forever Falling by MashyLOL Forever Falling :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 24 9 Mousoline by MashyLOL Mousoline :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 16 12 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.72 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.72 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 12 13 Buttpole Family by MashyLOL Buttpole Family :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 17 4 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.71 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.71 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 11 2 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.70 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.70 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 12 4 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.69 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.69 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 11 2 6 Levels Of Hell: The Drink by MashyLOL 6 Levels Of Hell: The Drink :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 20 36 Living In The Fast Lane by MashyLOL Living In The Fast Lane :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 13 6 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.68 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.68 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 11 0 I'm Not Dead Just Yet by MashyLOL I'm Not Dead Just Yet :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 16 11 TIE (240): Sun Visor by MashyLOL TIE (240): Sun Visor :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 12 9 Imaginatives TNG: Pg.67 by MashyLOL Imaginatives TNG: Pg.67 :iconmashylol:MashyLOL 16 17


Porridge Partners #1 - Keshez by RubberDuckula Porridge Partners #1 - Keshez :iconrubberduckula:RubberDuckula 12 1 Mummy meadow!!! by greninja99 Mummy meadow!!! :icongreninja99:greninja99 4 54 *distant boy band angst music* by cubiccyan *distant boy band angst music* :iconcubiccyan:cubiccyan 30 4 Charatale: MainChara Talksprite by weegeeguy01 Charatale: MainChara Talksprite :iconweegeeguy01:weegeeguy01 7 1 Flug by Rensaven Flug :iconrensaven:Rensaven 59 4 Popee The Performer by Rensaven Popee The Performer :iconrensaven:Rensaven 44 1 Sunset by Zorueevee111 Sunset :iconzorueevee111:Zorueevee111 13 24 Damn it mAsON by Zorueevee111 Damn it mAsON :iconzorueevee111:Zorueevee111 8 14 This road needs to be fixed by Dan-zodiac This road needs to be fixed :icondan-zodiac:Dan-zodiac 10 6 Legosi by Nurinaki Legosi :iconnurinaki:Nurinaki 19 1 New ID by RemasterModule New ID :iconremastermodule:RemasterModule 7 0 I Lied, I'm Dying Inside by T0mee I Lied, I'm Dying Inside :icont0mee:T0mee 52 1 help by FranchescaPun help :iconfranchescapun:FranchescaPun 8 2 EW Paul by FranchescaPun EW Paul :iconfranchescapun:FranchescaPun 48 3 EWCOMIC No. ??? - Out of Context by FranchescaPun EWCOMIC No. ??? - Out of Context :iconfranchescapun:FranchescaPun 31 4 lil' tommy by TheCristalflake lil' tommy :iconthecristalflake:TheCristalflake 36 6


Christ, I'm falling behind on my notifications. Sorry if I missed any important notifications, I just got super lazy and didn't clear em out for about a day ;3;
Imaginatives TNG: Pg.74
Hey uh Excalibur, might wanna back away from the edge a bit-

These Old Country Lanes…
This song got me SUPER nostalgic over my trip to DC I took last year, good times ;3;
Tagged by ComicQuake 

001. Real name → Hahagofindout8^)

002. Nickname → Mashy, Pikachu

003. Status → Single pringle

004. Zodiac sign → Virgo

005. Male or female → Female

006. Elementary → - no

007. Middle School → no

008. High School → - yep

009. Smart → I guess? I'm just to lazy to prove it though-

010. Hair color → Darkish Brown

011. Long or short → Medium?

012. Loud or Quiet →  Quiet

013. Sweats or Jeans → Sweats

014. Phone or Camera → Camera

015. Health freak → No, but I'm trying to get more exercise.

016. Drink or Smoke? → N O

017. Do you have a crush on someone?  → Nope

018. Eat or Drink → Drink

019. Piercings → None

020. Tattoos → None

021. Favorite color → Yellow

022. favorite animal → Deer



023. First piercing → Never got one

024. First best friend → 3rd Grade

025. First award → Soccer trophy

026. First crush → A guy from my old elementary school

027. First pet → 2 cocker spaniels (family pets :'))

028. First big vacation → Well, besides going to a neighbor island, Disney land would definitely be the first big vacation.

030. First big birthday → None?

031. First kiss → NOPE



049. Eating → I just ate a malasada haha

050. Drinking → Milk

052. I'm about to → type on the keyboard

053. Listening to → A PhantomStrider video

054. Plans for today → Go to the library

055. Waiting for → SUMMER



058. Want kids? → Yeah I guess

059. Want to get married? → Please? ;v;

060. Careers in mind → Comic author/illustrator, animator



068. Lips or eyes → Eyes

070. Shorter or taller → Taller

072. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous

073. Nice stomach or nice arms →   Nice stomach?

074. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive I guess, not into loud

075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship

077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Uuuhh hesitant? I guess?



080. Lost glasses/contacts →  I don't have either

081. Ran away from home → Thought of it when I was little but no

084. Broken someones heart → I REALLY hope not ;n;

085. Been arrested → No

087. Cried when someone died → Yeesss ;-;



089. Yourself → I want too, buuuttttttt-

090. Miracles → Meh

091. Love at first sight → Not really

092. Heaven or reincarnation → A little bit of both but it's on and off

093. Santa Claus ? → NO >8'^(

094. Sex on the first date → 8^) wot?

095. Kiss on the first date → Yeah okay



097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Meh

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Meh

099. Do you believe in God → Meh


100. Tagging the following people
LOL NO 8^)


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Hey there! I'm Mashy, just your ordinary goof who likes to make art and stuff. I'll usually make fan art or some of my own stuff sometimes. I've been drawing comics since 3rd grade and that's what I've done ever since, I've been improving on my drawing skills and writing skills too but my coloring isn't so fabulous...
I like conversations: Long stamp. by Kiocah

Requests: CLOSED
Art Trades: OPEN
Commissions: OPEN

Drawing Style influences/ Inspirations: :iconeddsworld::iconcomickit::iconpaultervoorde::iconrainy-bleu::iconpiemationsart:

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design Language stamp: Sarcasm lvl expert by Alpanu

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Eddsworld- Edd Pagedoll by Cyan-Bubble-Tea Eddsworld- Tord Pagedoll by Cyan-Bubble-Tea Eddsworld- Tom Pagedoll by Cyan-Bubble-Tea Eddsworld- Matt Pagedoll by Cyan-Bubble-Tea All made by the lovely :iconcyan-bubble-tea:


What Eddsworld Character are you?
What Eddsworld Character are you?
Hosted By Anime Another one of my favorite characters! XD Who Are You In The Mane 6?
Who Are You In The Mane 6?
Hosted By Anime I do love me some RPGsWhat Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?
Hosted By Anime I also love animation XDWhat Type Of Movie Are You?
What Type Of Movie Are You?
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href="…">What Color Link Are You?
What Color Link Are You?
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What Type Of Dere Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
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I am a Pikachu!
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
Hosted By Anime

You're Only Being Yourself

When others get offended randomly over the words you say or the actions you do, you yourself find it insulting, after all, you’re only being yourself. Sometimes you’ll find yourself contemplating on the matter. You are a unique individual who will be confused on why others will be hurt over yourself. Rarely do you show your true self to others so simply and when those types of people whom you consider close demonstrate dissatisfaction, you won’t be happy.
Trust issues are likely to be a problem of yours because of this happening once or more in the past.…

INFP — The "Dreamer" INFP Dreamers are idealistic and deeply sensitive. They are characterized by their loyal and gentle nature. Beneath their easygoing disposition runs a fixed passion for the causes they believe in and the people they selflessly care for. They are driven by their values and seek peace.
2% of Population
Mashy's Personality Type Results

I got A DOG. You are one of the best friends that someone could ever ask for. A very loyal, compassionate person who is always there for close friends and family members who are in a tough time. You are someone who can be counted on time and time again and never let small grudges get in the way of a good friendship. But unfortunately, you are very dependent, and every now and then someone will take advantage of your loyalty, and it is most often not until you end up hurt that you realised your foolishness.

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Skype: Mashylol (I don't think I'll be online too often but don't be afraid to add me either lol :'D)


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